Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Year 5 - personal choice always pays off!!!

Jono Carney, a secondary teacher from the NE and member of the National Society for Education in Art & Design (NSEAD www.nsead.org), had written a brilliant scheme of work based on Jon Burgerman and shared it with Mrs Deane...we put our own Battyeford slant on it and 'Bob's Your Uncle' here is our work!!!  Initial sketchbook work taking our inspiration from Burgerman's images... we created our own characters from our imaginations!

We then went on to create cardboard cut out imagery depicting a single character taken from sketchbook ideas...we have used acrylic paint, posca pens, sharpies adding to our layers of drawing-such experts!
Here we are drawing in Red Brick Mills gallery space!
Thomas and some of our other Year 5's who are studying for 'Arts Award'  visited Red Brick Mill in Batley to see the Jon Burgerman exhibition. They loved it, and for many parents it was then an expensive weekend to follow as several of the pupils dragged their families to see the show to buy some www://burgerplex.com products in the gallery shop! Simon the curator of the gallery space was really helpful bringing out additional work of Burgerman's to show us... we created a mini sketchbook record of our day! 

First layers on our joint compositions pencil, ink then acrylic paint-see below for more info...

Continuous line drawings formed the basis for an additional set of artwork as the Year 5 pupils did not want to stop working on this project. All plans for the first part of Summer terms art, craft and design were scrapped, as there was utter refusal to move on from this theme! Flexibility was the name of the game and the pupils who had visited the gallery at Red Brick Mills had the idea of doing paper based works, everyone liked this idea. Pupils initially sketched individually. Then in pairs they drafted a joint composition arranging their ideas. The boys (well everyone really) have truly flourished during this scheme!

So now we add the posca pens to our imagery to give the finishing touches... not quite there yet but nearly! Watch out for another post next week where we show you the end results. You will be amazed!

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