Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Pirates Are Coming!

Year 2 have been designing Pirate characters for construction in 3D relief. They have used wire and polystyrene to create facial features and then covered this with tissue paper to create a layer of skin. Sketchbooks were used for the development of mind maps, from this collection of ideas and notes the pupils then went on to create their design.. We are nearing completion today!
Once our skin layer was complete we began to develop facial features, hair, facial hair, clothing and lastly hats! We have manipulated a range of materials.

Next week we will be using these images to inspire our writing and the children in Year 2 will be creating WANTED posters of this motley crew!

We love design and contemporary craft at our school and the original idea for this project came from previous work with Samantha Bryan. You can see more of this artists work on her website


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