Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Selection of Year 5 completed Mixed Media Paperworks initially inspired by Jon Burgerman...

Wow! We feel very honoured that since our last blog post, Jon Burgerman http://jonburgerman.com/ placed a link on his Facebook page of our site and we have now had nearly 500 hits to our blog in one week! People have been looking at our Year 5 artwork from all over the world - Japan, Australia, USA, Denmark and the list goes on and on. Many thanks to Jon for his interest in what we have been doing. This news was shared with our pupils and they were delighted... to say the least!
A wonderful boy/girl collaboration full of interest and creativity. Fantastic stuff guys!
This crazy character has a wonderful subtle washed out blue ink background that allows the mark making to shine...  

A mighty graphic effort from two girls in 5LH, distinctly different than the rest.

This character has come on so much since last week...check out our previous blog to spot the differences! 

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