Saturday, 29 June 2013

Graduate Teacher Training Event Day 2

26 Graduate Teacher Trainees descended on Battyeford this week for day 2 of their Art, Craft and Design training.
"This has been some of the most useful training we have had all year"
 " Just wanted to tell you I have used the 'Drawing on Sculpture' activity since we last saw you and my Teacher Supervisor thought that the lesson could have been outstanding if it were formally observed. The children absolutely loved it!"
 "I have started to use some of the ideas already - it has been totally inspiring"   
"I have been looking forward to Day 2 of the training as Day 1 was so excellent and refreshing!"
 The pirates have arrived! Relief craft and character activity Day 2.
"I should have put my body on first, it is much more difficult to do that now I have made the beard-lesson learnt!"
Two fabulous exotic creatures!

In the afternoon we looked at collaborative drawing exercises based on 'Our Locality' and schemes that move from individual work to group, 2D to 3D. We were inspired by the Szopki's of Krakow and worked in a large group to create scale drawings from which we could then construct and embellish in 3D.

The concept was quite tricky at first as unfortunately there was no 'made' example, so the trainees had to work out the process step by step. We got there in the end and created the starting points of some super architectural models.

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