Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day 2 'Family TEA' - Harry is a Teapot!

Much fun was had today with ten families from Battyeford who came down to participate in our second 'TEA' event. KS1 kicked off the afternoon and then KS2 arrived to draw over the work from the previous session "Can we really???" they asked...
Teapots, spoons and cups soon formed a mass of energy on our canvases...much hilarity when one of the boys stated "Harry is a Teapot! I have drawn Harry as a teapot!" Hence the title for our day and our subsequent film!

Adopt an Artist! "I love this today"... says Max as he rests his head gently on Fabric Lenny's shoulder and watches a clip of our time-lapse. 
We sketched our ideas moving back and forth from the canvases...

Paul (Fabric Lenny) was kept busy changing camera angles to keep the resultant film interesting.
Look out for the film for the second day on
 Lovely collaboration across year groups!
Mrs Pyatt our Headteacher popped in to say hello too... she was very impressed.
"I have drawn Wolverine as a teapot!" says Harry...
"He has knives, forks and spoons for hands!"
"Most excellent" says Mrs Deane &  Fabric Lenny! We truly loved that crazy idea!

 KS2 session...



Our little ones loved it too... a friendly, fun and relaxed afternoon with copious amounts of energy at the canvas!

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  1. It looks so exciting- how I wish I could be there....