Monday, 24 June 2013

Year 5 & 6 First Day of 'TEA' - Thinking, Expression, Action (A Collaborative Project with Fabric Lenny)

Today has been fun and 'full on' in the art room! Inspired by our visiting artist Fabric Lenny and the word 'animate' we have been collaborating on a drawing project where a time-lapse film will be the product of our work (not the efforts of our finished 2D pieces). The images that will change through our collaboration over four boards, will form the basis for a short film. On Saturday we host a family event in school for other year groups to attend.

Initially we captured our ideas on large sheets of paper with fine line pens and an ink wash. In small groups we then took it in turns to collaborate on the panels, transferring our initial ideas.

Here you can see two steps of our 'red' board in development. We initially started with a colour theme but then diverged a little!

As the images merged with paint we had to problem solve to separate imagery and find ways to make the collaboration effective.


We began to think about starting our image with a common thread to create a pattern on the board.
 Throughout the day Paul (Fabric Lenny) started to input the film taken in to an editing package so we could see how the idea was taking shape. We used a piece of music composed by one of Mrs Deane's contacts, Richard Hughes, to accompany our piece. The film link (when ready) will be shared on this blog.  

As our ideas flowed we began to add collage into the imagery. It looks like the character behind this cake is looking forward to a feast!

Fabric Lenny used various camera's to get interesting shots of the event in the art room, so that the film would be visually exciting. Can't wait to see it!

Seeing as some of our sketches were so good we also cut these out and added them into the mix.

An update will be available next week...
Thanks Mr Lenny, we had a great day!


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