Thursday, 12 March 2015

Being Human...

Year 6 have been studying the work of American artist Chuck Close related to their Learning Challenge theme of  'Being Human'. 

Chuck Close is an American painter and photographer who achieved fame as a photo realist, through creating truly huge scale portraits. Close is known for creating creative and intricate patterns to portray a human portrait and often paints his friends. 

Our Year 6 pupils have started work on a self portrait project using some of Close's ideas. First they tested limited materials in relation to both Close's work and their own photographic image within their sketchbooks. We have reflected on our learning using 'stuck with me' thinking stamps as a reminder to ourselves about the key elements that make this method successful.  

Pupils used a grid to aid the methodical approach to drawing, guiding the image towards realism. For a first effort this work is great! The boys really enjoyed the mathematical way of working. Artists throughout the ages have used the grid method a a way of successfully scaling up images. Most recently the Sky Arts Portrait of the Year Winner (Christian Hook) used the grid method and an app named 'CopyIt' to assist his portrait of Sir Ian McKellen.


Next will come scaled up versions at A1 size. Pupils will select various methods to develop their portraits, using collage, various paints, tonal materials and ink pencils. In pairs and sometimes individually they will choose the method that suits their interests. As we are working on such a large scale you will see us scattered around the hall for the making part of this next out for further blogs!

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