Thursday, 12 March 2015

Helaina Sharpley ...Wirework

'The Kitchen'

20 pupils from Years 4-6 have been attending an after school project with local renowned contemporary sculptor Helaina Sharpley. They have been working with continuous line and wire drawing methods to develop imagery based on a theme of 'The Kitchen'. Imagery has been gathered from different eras and the pupils have chosen their own themes within this from which to develop their artefacts. Some have been using observational drawing skills to create images directly from Victorian cutlery. The line drawings were amazing to start off with, technically brilliant for pupils so young. As David Hockney says "To learn to draw is to learn to look". 

Really pleased to see equal amounts of boys and girls on this scheme as well!

Image result for helaina sharpley 
Helaina's  cups...

These after school sessions with professional practitioners are intended to both enrich the schools curriculum offer but also push the pupils capabilities beyond the norm. We don't usually offer wire-work projects to pupils so young but we felt confident that some of our Year 4 pupils were up to the job and they are proving us right! Well done everyone so far! 

Here are some images of the project work so far! Once they are complete there will be another blog to share our final artworks.


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