Friday, 21 November 2014

ROBOTS...ROBOTS...ROBOTS...Year 4 Printmaking Project and Process - PHEW!!!!

Year 4 have been very busy this Autumn term, practicing many skills from observational drawing to converting drawings in to designs and templates  for collagraphs. As part of this project we have learnt to think about texture and how this will result in a finished printed form, considering textures that may print dark and textures that could result in light areas. This has been quite tricky as it really means lots of head scratching and planning in reverse! Its difficult for me the teacher never mind the pupils. Top down teaching - I think that is what they call it!!!!

First of all we created a range of observational drawings using coloured collage as a background. We observed an array of nuts, bolts, washers and chains as a still life on our tables. We have studied tone and quality of line as part of this process and used charcoal, fine line pens, pencils, conte pastels and graphite sticks as materials. It was our intention to try to develop areas that looked 3D using tone and appropriate materials effectively. Did we do well? In addition we have created reflections on each others work.

Here we see the pupils developing their collagraph 'plates', we have used ideas from our observational drawings and transferred these into large scale outlines of Robot Body Parts. Whilst we are working individually on our own 'plates' we are also working in a group as our 'body part' goes with others to create a giant printed robot! We used grey card as a backing - so useful and so cheap from YPO! We have traced our drawings so that we can cut out sections of these to aid the correct size and shape of collage materials chosen for sticking down on the 'plate'.

We have reflected on our learning using the 'What has stuck with me today' label and  thought about the key stages of our process.

These are the collagraph 'plates', some you see here have been inked up ready for printing. We are using an A3 etching press to get good printed results and 'healthy' intaglio inks - the room smells lovely! Having studied printmaking I love this smell! We have been learning the process and language of printmaking and enjoy using words such as scrim, etch, blanket and bed in relation to undertaking our work.

Some of the resultant prints and plates! Looking good!

And for now to whet your appetite a mock up of a complete giant ROBOT! I think we may need to make some necks!!!!

 I intend to share the finished pieces by way of another blog in a few weeks time. The robots may be dancing down the corridors at that time if my Art Technician, Mrs Hayer, has anything to do with it! Watch out for the completed work.

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