Friday, 21 November 2014

Pet Portraits in 3D - By Year 2

A few years ago artist Samantha Bryan undertook a relief Pet Portrait project with our Nursery children and their parents. This got me thinking about her 3D versions using similar construction methods Sam has shown us in the past. I have related these to a Pets theme in our current Year 2. So, here we are! First we have created designs in our sketchbooks and experimented with cutting the fabrics suited to our intentions. 

These are too cute! 

Then we have begun to build our pet frame using foam, ploystyrene and wire for forming the shape. A layer of tissue paper skin is used to coat the frame.

They already have great character just with the skin...however take a look at our finished models below. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them....
Next we will be writing Pet Poetry using the childrens own models as a stimulus for writing. I cant wait! 

I love this bunny...hopping merrily. Had to take a few of this one so you could see the lovely movement!

 Such pleading eyes! Good job they are not rescue animals I would have a house full!
Poetry to follow in a further blog in a few weeks time...


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