Friday, 22 May 2015



We have been trying to evaluate what we eat at Battyeford this week as part of a focus on Healthy Eating. 

The work of vegan artist and designer Amber Locke, has provided more than food for thought as a starting point for our youngsters explorations right from Yr.1 to Yr.6! We have looked in awe at her wonderful photographs of raw food (fruit and vegetables) and found words such as  PLACED - ACCURATE - INSPIRING - PRECISE - COLOUR - PATTERN - LINE in order to link our thinking to her work and our own ideas.

Amber says... "I love the beauty of natural foods; their different colours, shapes, textures and characters etc. so to me, fruit and veg are not only really good for you nutritionally they also have a wonderful aesthetic appeal too. It’s a joy to use beautiful ingredients and my work aims to showcase their unique qualities, reflect the changing seasons of the year and also be a celebration of healthy living!"

Take a look at Amber's website by clicking on her food image below:

In groups pupils have considered how best to organise themselves to undertake the task. They have needed to discuss, collaborate, take turns and listen to each others ideas in order to work successfully as a team. Working methodically helped as well! We used light and accurate fingers to handle the items so as not to damage delicate veg such as spinach.

They found the lesson joyful and loved exploring all the fruit and veg items with a focus on art, they even learnt to name and identify various unfamiliar items as well. At the end of the session we tasted raw radish, spinach, chive and apple! Yum!

Once the artworks were arranged on a backdrop of colour (often like in Amber's work) we used the iPad's to take an overhead photograph of our food arrangement.

Here is some of Yr.1 & Yr.2's work...

 Making decisions...

Year 4 were awesome designers...

A taste of Yr.5 & 6...


Love the celery slices around the centre of the apple! 

And to top things off...Mrs Deane went on Twitter to let Amber know about what we were doing and Amber sent us a lovely message to email her with more of our lovely work as it was so beautiful! So, next step write up the blog, put it on Twitter, send it to Amber! BRILLIANT! We have had a fantastic week. Bring on the RAW FOOD!


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