Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Year 1 - Architecture

Architecture and Art - Year 1 studies...

I have been having amazing fun with Year 1 developing a new Architecture project. Within the new curriculum for Art, Craft & Design there is a much stronger push towards learning about the work of Architects so I thought we would have a journey together...

First we have looked at the work of Angolan artist Antonio Ole. In the past he has created artworks which he entitled 'the skins of the city'. His enormous installations used discarded building materials in order to create artworks and his attention to pattern, colour and texture within these works really caught my eye. The pupils have enjoyed rising to the challenge of using his inspiration for patternation and colour (having first captured our ideas in sketchbooks) towards influencing their actual 'small scale architectural models'.

Antonio Ole

 Our sketchbook ideas...

We responded through collage to Antonio Ole's work and then began to prepare, saw and paint balsa wood sections (with colour and pattern inspired by Ole) for future 'building'.

Next we looked at the work of a number of architects who have designed small spaces. We collected ideas in response to these in our sketchbook and designed a 'super house' for a 'little pig'. Here are some of our ideas...

 Then we began to build!

Dowling was secured into cardboard bases as a frame for building and the children began construction...

 Then we really get going on our construction...

The children are really enjoying developing their architectural models. The combination of colour and scale works really well and they are coming on a treat! We have encountered many building problems and have tried to overcome these with support from our peers. Windows, doors and all manner of extras are being added on, we are almost there!

The shelves are full of these wondrous creations and I can wait to see them complete (we are creating printed elements as a final flourish) and displayed in school. Love, Love, Love!!!!!



  1. These are simply fantastic! I love the expressions of intense concentration that you captured in your photos. You are laying some fabulous groundwork in their brains for risk taking and problem solving. Congrats to you all!!

    1. Thank you Dee...our children have wonderful creative experiences at our school. So pleased you liked the work!