Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Two Day Celebration of Creativity - First an INSET for Teachers on Architecture in Art, Craft & Design

WoW! What an explosion of energy, learning, passion, resilience, teamwork and FUN! 

I am tired, very tired... but oh so happy! You see the last two days has seen an explosion of creativity bursting through the doors of Battyeford Primary School as we have played host to professional Artist and Consultant Susan M Coles and the one and only Fabric Lenny! 

On Friday (3rd July) I coordinated, developed and co-delivered a teacher INSET on Architecture in Art, Craft and Design. Myself and Susan saw teachers from all over the country (and representing all phases) participate with us in a range of practical explorations that they may now take back in to their classrooms. We considered how studies in Architecture through Art, Craft & Design can provide a rich vein of enquiry for pupils to engage with their localities, other cultures, heritage and industry. More than this we are creating schemes for our pupils (through ART - take note Nicky Morgan) which promote over learning and develop questioning and reasoning skills whilst also providing FUN, invigorating and challenging, hands on investigations that supports pupils resilience and 'mastery'. These schemes ooze ambition and feed in to developing aspiration. 

So, the teachers who attended from Kent, Cumbria, Newcastle, Manchester and throughout Kirklees (where our school is based) experienced a range of project ideas.

First up was my 'Little Pigs' inspired houses project taking influence from the visual artist Antonio Ole (from Angola) as well as a variety of significant contemporary architects from around the globe. We looked at an architecture project delivered at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and drew design ideas, taking our sensibilities for texture and colour from the artist 'Ole'.  

Here we are designing... (we have set out on the tables example sketchbooks from our Yr 1 pupils)

Next came preparing our materials, staining and sawing to shape...

Here is everyone, delighted with their outcomes! Totally brilliant! We even considered songs that could match our houses. I wonder if you could think of a song that could match one of the images below?

"In the Jungle" (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) 

In the afternoon Susan M Coles took delegates on a journey of discovery through mark making. We looked at artists Frans Masareel (a Flemish painter and graphic artist) and Berenice Abbott a photographer who used the New York streets and skylines as her inspiration. We worked without pencils or pens and used simply scissors or edge printing techniques to create our work. The day was a resounding success!  


Just to prove everyone had a great INSET day, below is some of our feedback. It is likely that we will deliver this course again in the 2015-2016 academic year. So if you are a teacher and interested in attending please contact

        Photos courtesy of Susan M Coles.

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