Friday, 12 December 2014

The Year 4 ROBOTS Strut their Stuff!

The Giant Robot Collagraphs are finished...a mighty task to co-ordinate but very satisfying now it is all complete. 4K left the art-room saying 'best lesson ever' so they are obviously happy with the finished works. They look amazing! Mrs Hayer will now be working hard to get them up around school.

We have all been involved in a lengthy process to complete these from observational drawings, to drafting outlines, creating Robot body part plans (with observed details inside), then came the collagraph plate making, next came the inking up and printing...finally we worked together in teams to cut out our printed body parts and place them together to make our Giant Robot! Robots Rock!!!!  

First we worked together to place our Robot body parts how we wanted them for the final result. 

And here we are delighted with the end result!

Robot Detail

Jack and his groups Robot!

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