Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ceramics Master Class For Primary - Years 5&6 with Ceramicist James Oughtibridge

What an Amazing Day of Clay!

Our pupils from Year 5 & 6 did Battyeford proud when we recently visited James Oughtibridge's studio and workplace (Sculpture Lounge, Holmfirth). The work they produced was truly fabulous! 

For more information about Jame's work follow these links:

As part of a homework task, pupils were asked to design vessel shapes that were inspired by a series of Hockney abstract seascape images from the 80's. They provided a stimulus for 3D shape and external mark making/detail. 

On arrival to the studio complex in Holmfirth (well worth a visit...) James took us on a tour of the venue to see the work of the many other sculptors working from this base. This was fascinating for the pupils to see functioning busy studios with an array of materials and processes. What an amazing insight in to the work of a sole trader in the creative industries for pupils at this age. Working here at the venue really meant something to our pupils "The tour was my favourite part it was surprising, I liked that" - Callum 

We were guided through the process of vessel making by James who took us step by step through the making leading to success for all.   

The resultant work is stunning!

Building the first layer of slabs up from a base... 

Adding detail with strips of clay and textures using a variety of tools... 

Painting a layer of glaze on to the unfired ceramic vessel... 

All together at the end of a long day ... happy!

Below are a few examples of the fired artworks...we have had tremendous feedback nationally via the NSEAD online Facebook community of Art Teachers. One of whom stated that this work had put her Year 10's to shame! Lot's of teachers from all over the country have commented that this work is truly stunning! 
We tend to agree.... xxx 
Well done guys, you did an amazing job.

A big thanks to James too, for a wonderful day.


For more information about The Sculpture Lounge Artists follow the link below:

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