Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Mayans are Coming!

Loving this new Year 4 project! 
Having worked in our sketchbooks over the last two weeks studying the mark making and structure of Mayan imagery we are now working towards creating our own Mayan style self portraits.
We started today with an A3 photocopy of ourselves and used tracing paper to trace an outline of our heads. We furthered this with adding Mayan features. All the pupils loved it when Mrs Deane created a demo of a child 'Mayan Style'! Very amusing! The lesson was lapped up with extreme positivity by all of Year 4 - a really super morning! In fact Mrs Deane was hugged by a new school pupil who expressed his supreme love for the activity...
Please don't look at the pictures below and think this is actually what our Year 4 look like from their prep drawings! They are very clever and have been able to use their knowledge of Mayan imagery and adapt their own portrait! More to come in future weeks...
See the progression in action...

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