Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Life Drawing is a Breeze for Year 5!

Year 5 have been exploring drawing the human form from first hand experience, linked to their World War II theme and studies on the role of the War Artist (in this context Henry Moore)...


I always say that if we learn one thing in this project it is that 'curved lines suggest form'. We have been exploring this concept drawing with a range of materials and techniques. I tell the pupils that I was 17 the first time I encountered 'life drawing' and mostly they give a little gulp, before rising to the challenge and showing me the full range of their capabilities!


 First of all we started by capturing the figure using the wax resist technique and then over drawing with Biro's. Next we have moved on to drawing with erasers into a charcoal ground, then layering additional marks over the top. Lucky pupils (yes you Tom!) got to basically lay down and have a little nap for half the lesson whilst we drew them! They enjoyed this! Whilst our beady eyes went from paper to subject, we  captured the effect of fabric draped over the 'sheltering' bodies. This lesson has been a great success and you can see the results below....



Our boys are deep in concentration...

 "I am getting better at this!" says William
"I have been practising drawing at home with my Gran Mrs Deane, I really want to improve!" says Alex (Wonderful stuff)


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