Monday, 15 July 2013

Year 6 complete their Summer Term Projects

just in time! 

It has been a busy day in the Art Room with two new blogs today!

We can't let our Year 6 leave without saying goodbye now can we?!
I am tempted to say these are self portraits of my current Year 6! However in between rehearsing for their end of year production 'Cinderella Rockerfella' they still managed to squeeze in an amazing last effort in the art studio and produce these fantastic artworks based on the Novel Artemis Fowl.

You can't see this on the photographic image, but these large scale acrylic paintings are raised out from a painted background creating a stunning graphic effect.
The works stem from an idea for a project we completed as an after school project last year. Imagery is an imagined 'under ground dweller' - 'the people' who exist below earth in the novel Artemis Fowl. They are the pupil's own unique take on a character, devised to suit their own intentions. 


Totally stunning graphic work for Year 6!


As part of the project pupil's could select their working method as 2D or 3D and create their character accordingly. 3D works have small clay heads, well crafted to add a sophistication to the process.
Fantastic work everyone! A great final project. You will all do well in Art in Secondary school I am sure!
Mrs Deane

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