Monday, 15 July 2013

Year 5 Arts Award Pupils Lead the Way!

Year 5 Arts Award participants have been leading a workshop based on a drawing technique they have learnt from working alongside graphic artist Michael Barrett (Emelbi).

Following their attendance on an after school project for a series of six weeks, these pupils felt well equipped to show their peers the techniques need to create effective geometric continuous lines to form imaginative silhouettes of buildings and objects from the built and natural environment.   
A group of four 'leaders' took a class of 30 pupils through their paces and the activity was a great success.
"Phew that was enjoyable, but kind of hard... as they wouldn't always do what we said!" Chloe
Chloe was learning what it felt like to be a 'teacher'/ facilitator!
Here are some of the leaders just before session 1... do they look nervous?!!!
The peers joined in enthusiastically, everyone made good progress...outstanding teaching!!!!

They supported their peers throughout!



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