Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Battyeford Angels

Here in the Art-room we have been working away, (with our Yr.5 pupils) in and amongst our regular curriculum projects, to create two large scale Angel Lanterns. These have been produced especially for Christ the King Church as decorations for Christmas. Many of our Yr 5 pupils have had a turn, constructing with willow, papering the willow frame and adding decorations. They have taken approximately 20 hrs to construct! We have even had a few lunchtime sessions with pupils to ensure that they are ready for church in time for the Christmas services. I had this idea last year and think it has worked really well. I hope they look brilliant in situ, we are all excited to see them at Christ the King. 

Reverend Maggie now has the delightful job of trying to get them down to church using a trailer! We were considering putting someone in each one and walking them down, but we might get blown away! We hope all our parents and visitors to the church over this period  will enjoy our work.   

Constructing the frame with willow and brown tape and thinking about size.

First layers of wet strength tissue and pva glue. 

The first angel takes shape.

Onto the second frame...

Finally adding decoration.

Ta daaaaaaaaa!

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