Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Autumn Term Projects on Display

An Array of Artwork on Display...

The Autumn term is always so busy and at the end of term we always have a glut of projects waiting to go on display in school. The art studio is full to the brim and it is a rush to get them out in to the public. The pupils have worked so hard and their dedication has paid off in these magnificent displays currently in school.

Year 1 Rabbit Dolls

And to prove we don't just make and not reflect in Art through literacy - here are some examples of our process reports... 

Oliver's Rabbit Doll is named James Vaughan after the Huddersfield Town player, must remember to share this on twitter with Town FC!

Next come Year 5's Henry Moore inspired figures...

After a period of observational drawing the pupils worked in pairs to construct a figure image based on their first hand drawing experiences. They used scrunched up paper and brown tape to construct and then covered the sculpture in papier-mache, finishing with a flourish of wax resist (re visiting previous learning) and brusho inks.

Year 3 - Szopki sculptures based on 'Our Locality'

All of the art,craft and design schemes tie in to our broader class based creative curriculum topics. The starting point of 'Our Locality' gives us the opportunity to incorporate maths, construction and cultural understanding into an art project inspired by a wonderful Polish tradition based in Krakow. We use our local architecture as a starting point to develop imagery and then build these in to large 2D scale plans. Following this the scale plans become used in order to create the 3D shapes needed for building our structures. These are finished off with foils, flags and decorative brick work through lots of hard work, co-operation and tremendous teamwork.


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